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  1. We can desensitize ourselves to the summer heat by turning off the air conditioning, or become desensitized to the cold by walking barefoot in the snow. But desensitize is more often used when talking about negative emotions. Parents worry that their children will be desensitized to violence by playing video games.
  2. verb (used with object), de·sen·si·tized, de·sen·si·tiz·ing. to lessen the sensitiveness of. to make indifferent, unaware, or the like, in feeling. Photography. to make less sensitive or wholly insensitive to .
  3. To make emotionally insensitive or unresponsive, as by long exposure or repeated shocks: "This movie in effect may resensitize people who thought they were desensitized to violence" (Steven Spielberg). 4. To make (a photographic film or substance) less sensitive to light.
  4. Synonyms & Antonyms of desensitized having or showing a lack of sympathy or tender feelings having lived through the horrors of war, the soldiers had seemingly become desensitized to .
  5. Aug 18,  · To desensitize someone to things such as pain, anxiety, or other people's suffering, means to cause them to react less strongly to language that is used to desensitize us to the terrible reality of war. [VERB noun + to] Your immune system has been desensitized because it has become used to the substance. [be VERB -ed].
  6. EXAMPLES FROM THE WEB FOR DESENSITIZED His impressions are transferred to the desensitized plate of Mr. Hennessy's mind, where they can do no harm. Her desensitized and asphalt palate thrills and throbs beneath the tricklings of Cordon Rouge. RELATED WORDS AND .
  7. Synonyms for desensitize at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for desensitize.
  8. to make nearly or completely insensitive to certain things to due overexposure or recurrence Sex related: I've watched so much porn that I got desensitized and need to watch dirtier videos in order to orgasm .
  9. vb (tr) 1. (Medicine) to render insensitive or less sensitive: the patient was desensitized to the allergen; to desensitize photographic film. 2.

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